Christian Dubs CEO InTheBox Consulting

Christian Dubs, PHD (M.Sc.; PhD; MBA)


Christian is a certified chemist graduating from the University of Bern, Switzerland. He obtained a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. After starting his career as an independent scientist at the RIKEN Institute in Saitama (Japan) he returned to Switzerland to pursue a business career in the pharmaceutical industry at Janssen.There he held various management positions in the areas of production, supply chain and quality management. He is an alumni of the University of St.Gallen and the Rotman School of Management in Canada, where he holds an Executive MBA. His core competencies are in the following areas:

- Production and production processes
- Quality assurance (ISO and GxP) and risk management
- Change management and transformation
- Personnel management and general management

Christian's strength is to initiate strategic change processes and implement them sustainably. Christian is currently training in advanced analytics, Big Data and digital transformation.

Daniel Schmidig Head Product Development InTheBox Consulting

Daniel Schmidig (M.Sc.; MBA)

Head Product Development

Daniel is a trained physicist. After studying physics at the ETH Zurich, his career in R&D began at Bruker Biospin, a manufacturer of analytical measurement technology. Later, he obtained an MBA in Innovation Management. Daniel has many years of experience in puzzle and escape room design and operates escape rooms in the Schaffhausen area. His core competencies are:

- Product development and technical design
- innovation and design processes
- gamification
- Escape room and puzzles

Daniel's strength is to develop things that work and ultimately do what the customer needs. Daniel is currently training in Lean Development and Design Thinking.

Clemens Haerder Data Analyst InTheBox Consulting

Clemens Haerder (M.Sc.)

Head Technology and Analytics

Clemens studied Business and Engineering in Zurich. After graduation he started his career in the pharmaceutical industry at Janssen. Later he received a master’s degree in Applied Statistics from the Georg August University in Göttingen. He then moved to Johnson & Johnson’s Digital & Analytics group where he specialized in the pharmaceutical sector. Clemens’ core competencies are:

- Advanced statistical inference, testing and modelling
- Machine learning & deep learning
- Statistical Quality Assurance (Lean Six Sigma)
- Innovative thinking

Clemens’ strength is to develop end-to-end data science solutions with customers that really help. His current focus is in the area of IT infrastructure and database pipelines.

Kateryna Lyanzuridi InTheBox Consulting

Kateryna Lyanzuridi (M.Ec.)

Manager Business Support

Kateryna studied the Japanese language in the Oriental University in Moscow. She continued her postgraduate studies in Chiba University (Japan) where she received a Master’s Economics degree. After completing her education Kateryna worked for two years in a luxury goods industry in Tokyo. Since moving to Switzerland in 2007 she has been working in the private banking sector in Zurich taking care of wide range of international clients at the front desk. Kateryna’s current area of interest are memory and learning abilities in the hyper-information environment.