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Let your team get new insights and views in a unique location. Focus on the future with your team and search for the stars with our team workshops in the Observatory Schaffhausen.

Our game-based training methods allow your team to actively transform, become more agile and resilient. Experience and improve your team collaboration by going through our escape room challenges that have been specifically designed for team trainings.

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1. Team profile 

The team profile is actively created together in the team. It enables an individual comparison of self-perception to outside view.

Teamwork bei InTheBox Consulting

2. Team work

The key points of collaboration are defined based on team profile. The game-based training helps to identify the strengths, as well as the potential for improvements. 

Teamzusammenarbeit InTheBox Consulting

3. Application 

The basics of teamwork are outlined, now it is time to apply and practice. For that we use escape room tasks specifically designed for team interaction. We rely on our years of experience in the field of game-based training. The team goes through the “application – analysis – improvement” cycle several times in order to maximize the learning effect and implement the transformation.