Case study: compliance training

GMP training that is fun

InTheBox Consulting Case Stuy

Our customer, a production site of an international pharmaceutical company with over 1000 employees, was looking for new approaches to improve the GMP awareness of the workforce. 

Konzepterarbeitung InTheBox Consulting für GMP-Training

InTheBox Consulting designed an in-house escape room on site with puzzles on GMP topics and a consistent storyline. The solution to the puzzles on topics such as GMP-compliant documentation, mix-up prevention, hand hygiene and the reporting of deviations in the team had a total duration of 60 minutes. 

InTheBox Consulting Betreutes Coaching GMP Training

The entire workforce was trained in the room over a period of 2 months and supervised by our game consultants. At the request of the customer, teams of five were put together from different departments and a competition was designed to honour the three strongest teams.

Almost 90% of all participants assessed the playful approach of the adaptive escape room adding value to the learning process. Not only was GMP knowledge and awareness improved but cross-departmental collaboration in mixed teams was also rated as very positive outcome of the training.